Adventures in submission

Anonymous said: slave, you said that sometimes when your master has his friends over for a visit that they bring their slaves with them. Do these slaves also get naked when they enter your master's house? Do you know the age range of the masters and slaves? Are there alpha and beta slaves? Describe a typical gathering at your master house.

Sir, thank You for the questions.  i cannot answer all of them.  First of all, not all of Master’s visitors own slaves.  Indeed, only a very few of them do.  i believe this probably is reflective of the world at large — very few men have the strength and commitment to own a slave and to transform it into the perfect instrument for his pleasure.  i am so lucky to have Master, who is more than willing and more than capable of transforming me into that perfect instrument.

For those of Master’s guests who do bring their slaves, Master does not impose His house rules for me on His guests.  So if a slave’s owner wishes it to stay dressed, or prescribes a specific attire for his slave, then that is what the guest’s slave wears.  Master does not require all slaves to be naked in His house, only His own slave.  i do not know if these other Masters have alpha and beta slaves.  So far, no Master has brought more than one slave to Master’s house.  Nor do i know the ages of the Masters and their slaves that visit Master at His home.  It would be impertinent for me to inquire.  i would note, however, that age really is not a defining status in the Master/slave context.  One of the hottest Masters to visit was maybe 18 or 19 years old, a nerdy looking guy.  His slave had to be in his 50s, a big, buffed out body-builder type.  But there could be no question as to which of them was in charge.