Adventures in submission

This is the end

Master has reviewed this Tumblr blog and the comments of many readers on the issue of whether continuation of this blog is appropriate or possible.  He has determined that it is time for it to end this blog.

So, this is the end.


The genius in turning a fag into a slave and then into an object is not so much the force of will that enables a Man to change the nature of another man and making him a slave.  Rather, the genius comes from seeing that potential in the other man and bringing it out. 

This is where Master’s real genius comes into focus.  He saw in it something that it, itself did not know existed within its persona (even when it had a persona).  it always considered itself a relatively normal (albeit, gay and bottom) guy.  And it believes that even when it moved into Master’s home, there was nothing more on Master’s mind then helping out a guy in need —roommates, possibly roommates with benefits.

Master’s genius was in His recognition that it really had a submissive personality.  More so, Master probed, He pushed, He stretched, He taught and trained, He set out clear expectations, and He brought its submissive nature to full flower.  He refined the submissive into a slave and then perfected the slave into an object.  He focused His property’s life to a true purpose.  Few men have such genius … and few men are so deserving.

Out of chastity

In a surprise act this weekend, Master removed its chastity device.  He did not say why He did this, Nor, of course, was Master obligated to explain His actions to His slave property. 

it has been aware, of late that it does not seem to be sexually aroused by anything.  it assumes that any sign of sexual arousal now that tyhe cock cage has been removed will be met with swift and harsh “corrective action.” 

There is no sense of relief — indeed, no sense one way or the other — from the removal of the chastity cage.  it has no feelings one way of the other abut its cock.  its cock is just another body part, like its elbow.


Some readers of this blog have written in, criticizing Master for His program of objectifying His slave and denying the slave of its humanity.  Such criticism is inappropriate and should be rejected.  First of all, as a god who walks the Earth, Master is entitled to have whatever He wishes — anything that would make His life better, richer, more complete. 

But as important from the slave’s perspective, by objectifying His slave, Master has liberated His slave property.  He has freed His property from those concerns that weigh down most mortals: concerns about earning a living, about the state of the nation and about society.  His property no longer has to decide what to wear, what to eat, how to confront the countless decisions that must be made every day.  Who will be elected President, which team will win the World Series, and even whether it will rain tomorrow are all matters of no consequence — nothing to concern an object..  

Master’s slave — this object — understands that its sole purpose is to attend to Master and His needs.  Mere humans cannot live such lives of such single focus.  By objectifying His slave, Master has freed His property of distraction and has enabled His slave to fulfill the purpose for which it was created and to live an existence of real meaning.  He has, in fact, liberated it.

Reporting in

Many readers have sent advice on the direction of this blog.  Some of this advice appears in comments on the page.  Other advice is in the form of communications to me.  This advice ranges from  the impossible (i should continue the blog as is,without change) to the impossible (Master should take over the blog and write from His perspective).

i appreciate the thoughts and concerns of so many of my readers.  i just wanted to report that Master has not yet decided.

Is continuation of this blog even possible?

i have been deeply troubled of late about this blog.  i have felt it important to my growth as His slave to relate my progress in submission and to honestly describe my feelings as i grew in my service to Master.  But he and i have reached a stage where i am afraid that continued blogging will be counterproductive to His plans for me.

You see, it has become quite clear to me that His goal is objectivation; to convert me from a human being to an object that is so totally dedicated to my service to and submission to Him that there is no substance left to me — no will, no mind, no needs or desires, other than the unrelenting need to serve Him, to enhance His life, and meet His needs.

And that is where i fear this blog is antithetical to His purpose.  He is trying to erase any sense of self from my psyche.  Yet this blog is all about me: His effect on me, my feelings about my transition, my love of my service to Him.  He is trying to eliminate my sense of my self as an individual and separate person. This blog is all about me.  i am just fearful that the very act of blogging is not only an act of selfishness that is contrary to what He has planned for His property, but that blogging is actively interfering with and hindering His  ability to achieve in me the object that he desires and deserves.

In the end, of course, the decision in His.  Until then , i shall struggle on.


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Photography: Eric Ganison

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 it does not need to see. Just follow its SUPERIOR


 it does not need to see. Just follow its SUPERIOR

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